Loving all natural materials!

Gold, silver, copper, brass and stones, we love them all. We choose to work we high quality precious metal and stones.


Why is gold so special?

100% reutilsable

From the sun





Doesn’t rust, less allow there is less the color can change. If you choose gold plated or a bellow 18k, the allow wil eventually come on the surface and tarnish or oxydise.

Working with gold:

Allows and gold colors

We love 18k for jewelry. Here is a quick overall gold knowledge.

24k is pure (100% gold) good as an investment or in the bank! Its color is an intense yellow.

22K (92% pure gold) this allow is seen more in Asia. Indian women traditionnaly wear there wealth on them. Now we see their fancy jewelry in weeding seasons.

18K (750) (75% pure gold) our favorite we can’t hide it! It keeps its gold quality, but it’s more resistant as it’s allowed with silver and copper. And the

14K (58% pure gold) This allow is more commercially used, and some people prefer a paler gold.

10K (38% pure gold) This allow is used more in the United-States.


1 -The most ethical option we can offer in terms of gold is using your grandmothers ring, not the one she is still wearing, but the one she gave you!

We can use it as is, but we prefer cleaning the metal to remove all impurity and soldering and then work with a pure metal.

Option 2

Recycled gold. We mainly work with recycled gold. And don’t you worry, nobody through gold away.